Case Study On A Kohler Brand 

 Spectacle™ 60.25 x 32.25"Freestanding Bath

 Freestanding Tub

What is your next home improvement for your home here at Lake Kiowa? Why not consider a bathroom upgrade for your Lake Kiowa Home!  We invite you to take a look at this fabulous freestanding tub named Spectacle. Truly the name speaks for itself right. Can you see yourself in this beautiful freestanding tub. The soaking experience is totally wrapped up in a sophisticated contemporary design that  moves past the tension or stress of the day and takes you to a new place of peace of mind and body.This new freestanding product by Sterling, a Kohler company; could quite literally be the tub of your dreams.

The complete design wonder, this tub has started a stampede of new product lines from the latest Kohler branded company called Sterling. Take a first look at this bathroom in the picture above. Notice for instance all the new products including the tub, completely enhance every other design element aroundit. You see a complete total package for the master or guest bath. You could call it a spa like experience for the discrimination.  Achieving this type of style and grace in your latest new project design here in your Lake Kiowa home is the really the reason you are here right. To get away from it all in the big city for even just a while.  After a full day having fun boating, skiing, or just having a drink and dinner at the lodge you can complete your day in this outstanding tub of your dreams.   

The Spectacle Freestanding Bath lives and breathes tranquility and comfort. Consider this ultimate bathing experience made especially for your lake home. By combining luxury with practicality in your Master or guest bath, you agree this is totally a state of the art design and use of materials. Dream . . .The oval, ergonomic design conforms to and supports your body as you stretch out fully and enjoy a deep, relaxing soak. Graceful shaped lines and generous bathing depth, complements a wide range of bathroom styles and offers easy installation for the discriminating at heart.

Adding  drama to your favorite bathing experience is the next best thing to desire. Kohler calls it The Spectacle. Freestanding bathubs create the ultimate design, form and function in a relaxing space designed for your cormfort range. 

The Spectacle Freestanding Tub - Dimensions & Measurements

Special Features - Freestanding design creates a striking focal point in your bathing area.

  • Oval-shaped basin offers a graceful and spacious bathing experience.
  • Center offset toe-tap drain.
  • 17-1/4" bathing depth offers a deep soaking experience.
  • Sloped lumbar support on both ends.
  • Wide ledge on one side is ideal for deck-mount faucet and/or handshower.
  • Bottom surface manufactured with textured appearance.
  • Built-in integral overflow.
  • Chrome drain included.
  • Material - Acrylic.

Kohler has many options for plumbing fixtures made especially with you in mind. Let's speak about Sterling.

".Sterling is Life well made. Real life is mess, and Sterling by Kohler makes it all a little better. Life happens. Every day. Whether you want it to or not." So get ready to enjoy and create your very own example and style for  that reality. Impeccably perfect kitchens and bathrooms may exist in the real world in the eye of the beholder. Our goal is we want you to be aware of the next best thing. And, since that real life is hectic and messy, you need to find out more about exactly why Kohler makes STERLING products

STERLING products are TOUGH. They’re built to handle the wear-and-tear of everyday life. They’re NO FUSS. They’re manufactured to be a piece of cake to install and a cinch to clean. And they’re BEAUTIFUL. They’re designed to be products that you can be proud to have in your home—for a long time to come. All of which means you get to have your cake and eat it too with STERLING. That makes us the SMART choice for the job at hand.

Plus, Sterling is a Kohler company, which means every product is backed by over 140 years of manufacturing experience and excellence in the industry.

Whether you’re a seasoned trade professional, a die-hard DIY-er, or you’re simply looking for a durable and beautiful product for your home, STERLING has what you need for a job done right.

Find out more about Kohler products from your designer or go to

The Sterling Faucet Co. was founded in 1907. The company built a name for itself manufacturing quality faucets and brassware. Sterling came into the Kohler fold in 1984, providing a mid-priced, full-line plumbing brand that was tough as it was beautiful.

Since then, Sterling has been a brand of Kohler, a company with a world-class reputation of its own as the recognized leader in kitchen and bath design. Kohler's diversity of products and powerful portfolio of businesses offer industry-leading design, craftsmanship and innovation all knit together by a single level of quality over a broad range of price points.

Ideas For New Projects In Your Lake Kiowa Home

Dare To Dream - Lake Kiowa Home Ideas From Kohler

In the world of new design, rennovation and transforming your home; there is something definitely almost universally appealing about the simplicity and sophistication of rooms drenched in the new colors of soft pinks, cool grays, and pale sandy shades. As we move into 2019 it may be an option for you to consider a new remodel project for here at your Lake Kiowa home. Ideas abound and with great ferver you may want to jump in and consider some solid staples in designs that stand the test of time. Here we go . .

Set the mood for brain stimulation and eye the photo selected above and begin the dream process. The realization that all these pale hues create a nearly neutral backdrop; and that it is something that you can personalize with color, warm up with wood, or keep unadorned for a tranquil, quiet mood that’s perfect for bathrooms of all styles and sizes, let us proceed a pace with some wonderful ideas for new projects for your Lake Kiowa home this year...

Seeing The Traditional Take on the Pale Neutral Bathroom

It is true that charm and individuality are the cornerstone of the home. Unique and Southern flavor with a spa like escape are no longer reserved for the overly feminine room. Today, a color palette of creams, whites, and dusty pinks can bring a quaint unique charm that bids each visitor a cheerful welcome in virtually any location where they appear. Charm and sophistication always go hand in hand; better to speak to definition in a particular space, remember that the sky is the limit when it comes to details.

Tips For Consideration

  • Traditional Bathroom areas can define your style
  • The simple use of color and pattern can define areas in a space.
  • Paneled sections of pattern designate the bathing, toilet and styling zones at a glance if done properly.
  • Give your neutrals depth by combining three hues of creams, almonds and pinks.
  • Choose light-neutral fixtures with design details that echo the room’s architectural features.

Do you really love this look? You may want to create your own moodboard. Soft, neutral hues and clean lines help make this small bathroom feel like a sophisticated lake home retreat. Sleek lines on the wall and tub trim and sink faucet keep things simple and elegant in this calming space. If you have the space, those private features like the toilet could keep their own separate zones.

By definition, playful moodboards and cutting out photos of things you love is a way to begin the process of creating your dream home. Pictures can when used to consider looks, style, elements, and fixtures with cabinet work; be healthy and a fantastic process of elimination. Taking it to the basics of the things you love is but one way to get the ball rolling on updating your Lake Kiowa Home.

The photo in this article is taken from One of the premier manufacturers of state of the art plumbing fixtures in the plumbing industry. If you are concerned about conservation, and preserving the ingegrity of water and energy savings in your home, consider going to this website for more fantastic ideas for your home. It's always a great time to dream...

For many years, Lake Kiowa  this hidden, tranquil paradise was purposely not advertised or publicized.  The rapid growth of North Texas and the new and extended tollways are now making it easier for more people to discover Lake Kiowa, one of the finest country club/lake developments in America!

The agents of Lake Kiowa Premiere Real Estate are always available to help you with any questions or concerns. 940-665-3300

About Kohler Co. 

Founded in 1873 and headquartered in Kohler, Wisconsin, Kohler Co. is one of America’s oldest and largest privately held companies comprised of more than 35,000 associates. With more than 50 manufacturing locations worldwide, Kohler is a global leader in the manufacture of kitchen and bath products; engines and power systems; premier cabinetry and tile; and owner/operator of two of the world’s finest five-star hospitality and golf resort destinations in Kohler, Wisconsin, and St Andrews, Scotland. Kohler Co. has a long history of supporting water efficiency and sustainability and is a leading producer of water-saving plumbing products, which has earned the company 10 consecutive awards from the EPA WaterSense® program. For more details, visit for information on water-saving plumbing products, and follow KOHLER on Twitter and Facebook.

Changing Of The Season

Lake Kiowa Realty - Spring Cleaning

Remarkably, a change of season usually lends itself to cyclical rhythm to our lives. A comforting predictable pace can and usually is an opportunity to get things done you may have been putting off. While often we may feel that time is passing too quickly as seasons move in and through our lives, it is also true that being able to harness the energy of that change may make one feel more in sinc with your home, life, and health living here at Lake Kiowa.

Keeping A Positive Attitude

In the spirit of waving goodbye to the past season and preparing for Spring, let's look a list of some smart things to declutter as the warmer weather starts to set in. Many of our residents here at the Lake do not have additional areas of storage, and for organizations sake and before you get too busy coming into summer, take a few minutes to review the list below and see if anything hits home with you.

Spring Cleaning is the same as it has always been. April 1 can be the new goal day to begin the process of making it happen. Set the mood for 2019 by deciding on 10 days of spring cleaning designed for your life as well as your mood. Each day, plan to choose what kind of cleaning your feeling like doing and take a play from the list below. At least this is a starting place right?

Cold weather clothes - As the winter season winds down, you can examine your wardrobe with an informed eye. You know the clothes, hats, and gloves you always reached for and the boots that stayed on the closet shelf all season. Pack them up today, before another winter comes and you think you might wear them when really you know you want to replace them. Make room now.

Extra blankets - Except for linens and blankets for guests, family blanket usage is still fresh in your mind. How many got used during movie night, which kids prefer to grab blankets from the bed, and the blanket that you just can’t seem to get completely clean anymore. Check it out, why not donate your excess blankets, wash what’s left, and stow them for use next year.

Patio plants and planters - Do you need to revive plants that have seen better days; but you may have some that have kicked the bucket or that you can’t find a good place for? Honestly you probably need to toss dead plants, pass along unhappy ones to your green-er thumbed friends, and make sure that you trim dead parts off of the plants you do keep. Fertilize and add soil if necessary, and at the appropriate time, get them outside for sun as the weather allows. Along these lines, go through your collection of plant pots, saucers, baskets, and items in the garage. Really, only keep only what you’re using and maybe one or two you love for future plants.

Replace of donate excess serving ware - The Holidays are behind us and you realize you’re confronted with the fact that you didn’t use that bag of gold balloons for New Year’s Eve for the third year in a row, you may be willing to let it go. Maybe it's something you just love. Really, it's time to inventory all of your platters, drink dispensers, specialty napkins, and serving utensils and to make decisions on keeping only the old faithfuls you reach for again and again for parties and get togethers.

Update all your cleaning supplies - Spring cleaning season is coming up, and you’re far more likely to be in the mood if you don’t have to wade through a mess of floor mops you never use to get to the steam cleaner. Out with the old, in with the new. You must declutter your cleaning tools and products. Making sure what you keep will be used, and perhaps even add to inventory items you know you will use all year long. Spring sales are coming up!

Update and go through your summer products - Now, before you quite need them, is the time to go through your sunscreens and bug sprays. Check first for expiration dates and toss anything that’s expired or that has separated. Once you’ve cleared out everything that’s no longer good, you’ll know what you need to stock up on and you’ll have it before you head to the beach and water.

Remember your coffee and tea collection - In an effort to go where no woman has gone before... you may have recently decided to go through your basket of teas and coffees. Yikes! Do not keep tea that expired years ago. Much like spices, tea wanes with time. Since it may be awhile before you consume hot beverages as regularly as you might have been doing during colder weather, please take a moment to thin out your collection now. When you’re done, you might enjoy storing what’s left in one of these.

Remember your freezer - As the temperature shifts, your cooking may as well. Be sure that you take stock of what’s hiding in the freezer or may be unmarked with a storage date. The choice of course is to make plans to use it up so you have plenty of room for summer’s popsicles and ice cream or keep only what you are confident will be used. If you see freezer burn, pitch it. No good taste can happen from freezer burn.

The time is almost up for making choices on cleaning, donations, new purchases for your home, boat, dock or favorite patio furniture. Remember everyday is a new day. What's the plan today? What do you feel like tackling? Just make it count, and prepare for the days when you already have plans. Spring Fling and the prospect of working through all that cleaning has never been so easy. See it through today, and as you come out on the other side be sure to take pictures to remind you next Spring what you did this year so you don't forget.

Lake Kiowa Premiere Real Estate looks forward to many years of serving the Lake Kiowa community. Please come see us for all of your real estate needs, but feel free just to stop by any time and say hello too!  Lake Kiowa Premiere Real Estate is open 7 days a week – Monday through Saturday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Sunday from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Ready To Up Your Golf Game?

Welcome to the X9 Follow

Living At Lake Kiowa - Stewart Golf Dream Machines For Fun

One of the most satisfying things about living at Lake Kiowa is knowing you have built in community, fun, exercise, and wonderful entertainment. In addition to all that, we also have a  beautiful golf course. Spring is almost here and there is lots going on out here preparing for tournaments, events, and special activities through the summer and fall months. Before we get started, we are going to have a little fun...take a look at the picture. High Tech Golf Carts are real.  Read on please . .

It's been said that the world's best electric and push golf carts are built by hand. Drum roll please - The manufacturer is Stewart Golf at their headquarters in Great Britain. Award winning flagship X9 Follow product lines are also taking the courses by storm all over the world. Featuring revolutionary Follow Technology, these spectacular state of the art golf carts are transforming customer's rounds all over the globe.

What makes this golf cart so special and the most talked about technology on the golf course? The X9 Follow is a beautifully crafted electric golf cart that lets you choose how to control it: manually; remote control from the compact handset; or by turning on Follow mode and keeping it two paces behind you wherever you go on the course. That's right, and there's more...the company is always making it better year after year.

Invented, designed and handbuilt by skilled engineers in Great Britain, the X9 Follow lets you focus on your game, not your gear and gives you the best chance of playing your best golf. Designed and handbuilt in Great Britain in their new 10,000 sq. ft. factory with ongoing continuous improvement and development with you in mind.

Special Features About Stewart Golf X9:

  • All new golf carts come with a two year warranty.
  • Fast Courier Delivery
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Handbuilt in Great Britain
  • 2 Year Warranty
    Patented Follow Technology
  • 50m Remote Control Range
  • Bluetooth Communication
  • Rechargeable Lithium Handset
  • Complete Remote Functionality
  • Downhill Braking
  • Integrated Stabiliser
  • Iconic Stewart Golf Design
  • Handbuilt in Great Britain

Remember The Stewart Golf X9 Follow is widely regarded as the world's finest golf cart. While this article is just for fun, the tech behind it is real, and celebrated around the world by the world's finest golfers. If you have never been to a PGA Tournament, or played on a course overseas, have fun in checking out this fabulous product line by Stewart Golf. Have fun today on the course here at Lake Kiowa. Dream Machines are why Stewart Golf has the golf carts, golf bags, golf accessories, and spare parts markets just for the asking.

The agents of Lake Kiowa Premiere Real Estate are always available to help you with any questions or concerns. Call us today! 940-665-3300

Your Lake Kiowa Investment Home

Quality Products For Your Lake Kiowa Home

The investment of your Lake Kiowa home is one of the most simple things you have to enjoy. The pure joy of owning a home at Lake Kiowa is just the beginning of something beautiful. Check out Lake Kiowa for yourself. Lake Kiowa Premier Real Estate reminds you that ongoing investments insure value remains. If you are considering new tile for your kitchen, bath, utility room, or have a new remodel project idea, we invite you to see industry products that will provide a look and feel for years to come.  Sometimes upgrades are all about the look and feel, sometimes they are just about style. Form and function must always meet at some point; and learning about what new options are out there to see is what this article will be about.


If you want to examine a hot new look and feel, check out the photo and video in this article. Industry related Ideas are awesome don't you think?  One of the leading manufacturers of tile in North America is Marazzi. Groundbreaking quality products mean at the get go, this company's principals continue to honor their commitment to core values like integrity, fair business practices, ethical treatment of employees and customers. As leading industry partners here in the USA, they recognize that customers are the primary business partners. Considering quality USA companies for investment upgrades will assist in holding the value of your most important asset...your Lake Kiowa Home.

You may be asking about what Marazzi manufactures and sources to the USA with vast array of products. Porcelains, glazed ceramics, glass mosaics, metallics and more work together in bringing a total tile package that addresses aesthetic and performance requirements of designers, architects and homeowners just like you. In expanding the product lines, design resources and technological capabilities the result is you get a superior look and feel.

The agents of Lake Kiowa Premiere Real Estate are always available to help you with any questions or concerns.


New Love For Your Pets

Doggie Bath Your New Utility Rood Addition

Chores. Taking care of your pet in a new way can be a meaningful experience with a newly designed utility room for your Lake Kiowa home. When you start your third load of laundry and begin to clean mud off of precious little paws from your early walk, it is the stuff memories are made of. Form and function is a blend that helps you in your routine while taking care of all those chores.  Goodbye old utility room and  welcome  to upgrades in your utility room to make the hub of your home feel more calm, sophisticated and balanced.

Perspective Changes Things

Sometimes we need to think outside the box when thinking about making a change. Changes can require a new perspective. It is possible to end up with eactly what you want for your family needs in the change department. Examples might include more washers and dryers if you have 5 children. Extra shelving, extra storage, and storage for things like golf clubs and BBQ grills are also options. Another issue may having " No More Clutter " which does require acknowledging that it is really possible. Let's reframe:

1. Clear Space, Clear Mind

Sometimes our best efforts fail. The utility room is the one place where an impressive collection of clutter always  ends up. Things like dirty laundry, cleaning supplies, plastic bags, last years garden pots, or even kid’s gear and pet supplies can make organization a challenge. Truly, every home needs to  manage this chaos. One idea may be to increase storage options more dynamic and varied so that every type of item has a place to live, other than your floors or surfaces. When these work spaces are clear, it follows suit that your mind will be too.

Consider these simple additions:
• Shelving Cubbies
• Multiple  Folding shelves
• Front Loader or Stackable washer and dryer units
• Utility pegboard or hooks for ironing boards and irons
• Drying racks and mini closet rods

2. Find the Beauty in your selection of plumbing fixtures:

Example Of Your New Utility RoomThe discussion at hand is your utility room. Why not give it the prestige it deserves for keeping your family clean and organized. One idea is the perfect sink and faucet combination. Just because this space isn’t the centerpiece of your home doesn’t mean it should be an afterthought. How much time do you spend there folding clothes, using the washer and dryer, storing extra pantry items? Ok, you agree. plan to  establish a budget. Next decide what fixtures you really need in this utility area to accomplish your work. By finding pieces that are both practical and elegant, it is possible to enjoy yourself doing the laundry, bathing the dog, cleaning golf clubs and etc.

A review of these sink and faucet pairings to express your personal style and set you and your utility room up for success are a great idea. The pairings in the photo are distinctive and bold Kohler.

  • Harborview utility sink paired with HiRise faucet
  • River Falls utility sink paired with Mistos faucet
  • See utility sink and faucet styles take shape in Cheryl Kees Clendenon’s Garden's Edge Kitchen.

3. Personalize With Bold New Patterns

Today's new utility room doesn’t mean it has to look  utilitarian or have no color. Adding bold, printed wallpapers, accent the room with a pop of one of your favorite colors or even experiment with the stylized backsplash tiles you’ve had your eye on. When you personalize a space with bursts of pattern or color, you’ll instantly feel more excited to spend time there.

4. Pamper Your Family Pet—and Yourself With This Great Pet Washing Station:

Once considered a luxury, a pet-washing station has become a staple of the modern utility room. Accepting a new trending pet-washing station, can be an elegant extension of your overall personal style, featuring everything from tiled backsplashes and custom shower doors to stylish Kohler handshowers:

  • Flipside Handshower
  • Awaken Handshower
  • Artifacts Handshower

A picture is worth a thousand words right? We feel a good inside look at a well-pampered pet bath in the picture above, can be aesthetically pleasing and makes a sometimes tough ordeal, could  delight the humans of your home while the functionality and ease of use will make sure every pet is pampered. It’s the easiest way to clean a dirty pooch or curious cat. Even a walk out by the lake can end up a muddy ordeal before you get back home.


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