Try Butterfly Gardening for Texas

Butterfly gardening in texasHere in Texas there are really a large number of butterfly species. Whether you live near the beaches of the Gulf Coast or in the mountains of the Trans-Pecos, or here at Lake Kiowa, all Texans can enjoy the color and tranquility that butterflies bring to any outdoor space.

Lake Kiowa invites everyone who loves to garden, to consider using your garden to attract butterflies. Most of us out here do take the time to enhance our community with beauty, yards, patios, and have plenty of beautiful pots around to enjoy flowers and vines alike. This is just another beauty item you can add to the list.

In her book, Butterfly Gardening for Texas, author and expert Geyata Ajilvsgi took the time to share a wealth of practical information about all kinds of butterflies and the many flowers and other plants they utilize in their miraculous life cycle: from hidden egg to munching caterpillar to cryptic chrysalis to nectar-sipping, winged adult.

This engaging, nontechnical style of writing for anyone who wants to attract butterflies to the yard or garden, will provides tips for making gardens caterpillar- and butterfly-friendly, in-depth profiles of more than fifty butterflies, descriptions of the food plants for a variety of both caterpillars and butterflies, and plant lists for easy selection and substitution, depending on where you live and what is available.

If you are wanting more information, specific advice on what to plant where, Ajilvsgi has designed useful, adaptable landscape plans and extensive planting options for each of seven state regions. Helpful appendices aid gardeners in taking photographs of the butterflies they attract, in locating sources for seeds and plants, and in finding organizations and other instructive publications for additional information about these beautiful and beneficial insects.

As the popularity of butterfly gardening continues to increase, gardeners of all skill levels will find Butterfly Gardening for Texas an invaluable source of guidance and inspiration. Considered among the state’s top plant and butterfly experts, she is the author of Wild Flowers of Texas and other books.

It's never too late to add things to your patio garden, or even around the house in the exterior landscaping. Your time outdoors is the reason you are here, being able to play golf, be active in the community here at Lake Kiowa, so why not give it a try!

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