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Buy real estate, sell real estate, lease real estate. These are the most important 3 things all realtors love to hear! Yes, it's true. We also love to hear that there are many reasons why you love to love Realtors in Texas.  Everyone here at Lake Kiowa has the best of the best when it comes to real estate. Remember we love Texas Estate, it is why we are here.

Many of our realtors here sell all over the state to serve you better. Some may provide services here at Lake Kiowa. But regardless of the reason Lake Kiowa Loves Texas Real Estate and beyond.  The bottom line is you have access to the best real estate opportunities right here in Texas anytime you call. With over 100,000 loyal to Texas Realtors to choose from, we invite you to join us in finding you that perfect home for you and your family.

Author Jamie Lee with the Texas Realtors Association Says There Are Many More Reasons To Love Texas Real Estate:

  • The stable housing market here in Texas is first. Did you know Texas small land sales jumped by 14% percent in 2016?  It’s one of only 10 states on steady ground. Fantastic news across the board.
  • Home prices are expected to keep going up. Rising demand and low inventory have created a seller’s market. Here in the North Texas market, the introduction of international companies relocating to our state is creating a great opportunity for buying and selling to meet this new demand.
  • We have the highest average equity levels. This means your property may be worth more than what you owe. In a market with high demand to keep up, real estate becomes part of a successful economy. Jobs are created and filled as people relocate to meet their needs.
  • It’s the No. 1 destination for state-to-state movers. This demand for housing can benefit your resale value. Maybe you want to consider investing or may be considering retirement; now is a great time.
  • A low unemployment rate means lots of job opportunities to help you achieve your real estate goals. More and more people will relocate from other parts of the country to fill these much needed jobs and bring with them more economic buying power.
  • You can make a great living here. Special jobs need special people to fill those jobs. According to national statistics, Texas is the No. 2 state in which to make a living, due in part to its affordability and lack of state income tax. This is great news for everyone.
  • Thinking about making a change? When you’re done working, warm weather and low cost of living make it an ideal location to retire here in Texas in your favorite location. Maybe even here at Lake Kiowa. We have a great place to live here!
  • Relatively low housing costs help make Texas a great place to raise a family. Builders are gearing up to meet demand. Homes, Master Planned Communities, Duplexes, and slightly rural communities are making a big difference.
  • A supportive business climate makes it the best state for business, especially small businesses. If you have a great service to offer the Texas economy, check into Economic Development in the city of your choice to find out what benefits you may have for your relocation.

Because only in Texas can you find a Texas REALTOR® to help you meet your real estate goals. Texas Realtors, what is so special about them you may ask?

Texas REALTORS® and private-property owners to keep homeownership affordable, protect private-property rights, and promote public policies that benefit homeowners. With over 110,00 members, The Texas Association of Realtors has a professional organization that truly represents all aspects of real estate in Texas. It just doesn't get any better than this!

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