Lake Kiowa Youth Rules & Regs On Golf Carts

Golf Cart Accident Prevention - Lake Kiowa

Golf Cart Operations out here at Lake Kiowa should be reviewed every so often especially if you have youth in your home. Since Golf carts are vehicles and can also be quite dangerous if used incorrectly we will take this opportunity to update for you some facts you may have forgotten or were not aware of. Many of our young adults may be of age now to obtain a Minors Golf Car Permit. Please if you have any questions let us know.

Many people are injured each year in golf cart accidents and young people are injured in high numbers. Our narrow, winding roads are busy with lots of members in a hurry headed to work and contractors driving big trucks headed to construction sites. Young people are whizzing around in high powered, jacked up golf carts with awesome sound systems.

Mixing young people with the freedom and power of a golf cart can be dangerous. As the picture on the right shows, they can get away from you rather quickly. Defense is always a good idea in driving any vehicle of any size. Make sure everyone who operates your golf cart is legal and trained, and they keep the music volume down so as not to disturb others. With winter approaching, and as the weather gets bad just be sure those in your household have been properly licensed. We have a lot of Holiday events coming up and safety is our primary concern.

Please take a few minutes to review the educational information below on driving a golf cart here at Lake Kiowa: – ** Golf Cart Operator Licensing of Minors

Minors, 13 years of age and older, may obtain a “Golf Cart Permit,” for carts designed to carry a maximum of 4 passengers and if they successfully complete the “Youth Golf Cart Safety Education Program,” pass the required exam, and obtain signatures from the Parent/Guardian. These forms and instructions are available from the Security Department office. The “Golf Cart Permit” must be carried at all times the holder is operating the golf cart and may be revoked for a period of 90 days for any violations of the golf cart rules, and 180 days for a second (2nd) violation of the golf cart rules. Golf Cart Operations

A minor (10 years of age or older) may drive a golf cart if: (1) an occupant in the cart (18 years of age or older) possesses an unrestricted driver license (with photo ID) and agrees to ride adjacent to the driver at all times, or (2) the minor carries a valid Golf Cart Permit authorized by Rule, or (3) the minor possesses a valid unrestricted driver’s license (with photo ID).
What is new this year is that no one under 10 years of age may be solely behind the steering wheel and operating the cart, even if an adult is sitting next to them. Kids under 10 must be in the lap of the adult and the adult able to fully control the brake, accelerator, and steering wheel as 9 and under are not coordinated and experienced enough to pilot a vehicle in a dangerous setting.We know that Lake Kiowa is about fun for lots of people - golfing, boating, tennis playing, etc. We want everyone to have fun, but to do so safely.

Thanks so much for your interest in Lake Kiowa Realty and our website. It is our goal to make sure you as a potential or existing resident are familiar with our Lake Kiowa rules and regulation for your safety while here. Be sure to check out The Communique for all the exciting news coming up for the Holidays. It's November already!


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