New Love For Your Pets

Doggie Bath Your New Utility Rood Addition

Chores. Taking care of your pet in a new way can be a meaningful experience with a newly designed utility room for your Lake Kiowa home. When you start your third load of laundry and begin to clean mud off of precious little paws from your early walk, it is the stuff memories are made of. Form and function is a blend that helps you in your routine while taking care of all those chores.  Goodbye old utility room and  welcome  to upgrades in your utility room to make the hub of your home feel more calm, sophisticated and balanced.

Perspective Changes Things

Sometimes we need to think outside the box when thinking about making a change. Changes can require a new perspective. It is possible to end up with eactly what you want for your family needs in the change department. Examples might include more washers and dryers if you have 5 children. Extra shelving, extra storage, and storage for things like golf clubs and BBQ grills are also options. Another issue may having " No More Clutter " which does require acknowledging that it is really possible. Let's reframe:

1. Clear Space, Clear Mind

Sometimes our best efforts fail. The utility room is the one place where an impressive collection of clutter always  ends up. Things like dirty laundry, cleaning supplies, plastic bags, last years garden pots, or even kid’s gear and pet supplies can make organization a challenge. Truly, every home needs to  manage this chaos. One idea may be to increase storage options more dynamic and varied so that every type of item has a place to live, other than your floors or surfaces. When these work spaces are clear, it follows suit that your mind will be too.

Consider these simple additions:
• Shelving Cubbies
• Multiple  Folding shelves
• Front Loader or Stackable washer and dryer units
• Utility pegboard or hooks for ironing boards and irons
• Drying racks and mini closet rods

2. Find the Beauty in your selection of plumbing fixtures:

Example Of Your New Utility RoomThe discussion at hand is your utility room. Why not give it the prestige it deserves for keeping your family clean and organized. One idea is the perfect sink and faucet combination. Just because this space isn’t the centerpiece of your home doesn’t mean it should be an afterthought. How much time do you spend there folding clothes, using the washer and dryer, storing extra pantry items? Ok, you agree. plan to  establish a budget. Next decide what fixtures you really need in this utility area to accomplish your work. By finding pieces that are both practical and elegant, it is possible to enjoy yourself doing the laundry, bathing the dog, cleaning golf clubs and etc.

A review of these sink and faucet pairings to express your personal style and set you and your utility room up for success are a great idea. The pairings in the photo are distinctive and bold Kohler.

  • Harborview utility sink paired with HiRise faucet
  • River Falls utility sink paired with Mistos faucet
  • See utility sink and faucet styles take shape in Cheryl Kees Clendenon’s Garden's Edge Kitchen.

3. Personalize With Bold New Patterns

Today's new utility room doesn’t mean it has to look  utilitarian or have no color. Adding bold, printed wallpapers, accent the room with a pop of one of your favorite colors or even experiment with the stylized backsplash tiles you’ve had your eye on. When you personalize a space with bursts of pattern or color, you’ll instantly feel more excited to spend time there.

4. Pamper Your Family Pet—and Yourself With This Great Pet Washing Station:

Once considered a luxury, a pet-washing station has become a staple of the modern utility room. Accepting a new trending pet-washing station, can be an elegant extension of your overall personal style, featuring everything from tiled backsplashes and custom shower doors to stylish Kohler handshowers:

  • Flipside Handshower
  • Awaken Handshower
  • Artifacts Handshower

A picture is worth a thousand words right? We feel a good inside look at a well-pampered pet bath in the picture above, can be aesthetically pleasing and makes a sometimes tough ordeal, could  delight the humans of your home while the functionality and ease of use will make sure every pet is pampered. It’s the easiest way to clean a dirty pooch or curious cat. Even a walk out by the lake can end up a muddy ordeal before you get back home.


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