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Remarkably, a change of season usually lends itself to cyclical rhythm to our lives. A comforting predictable pace can and usually is an opportunity to get things done you may have been putting off. While often we may feel that time is passing too quickly as seasons move in and through our lives, it is also true that being able to harness the energy of that change may make one feel more in sinc with your home, life, and health living here at Lake Kiowa.

Keeping A Positive Attitude

In the spirit of waving goodbye to the past season and preparing for Spring, let's look a list of some smart things to declutter as the warmer weather starts to set in. Many of our residents here at the Lake do not have additional areas of storage, and for organizations sake and before you get too busy coming into summer, take a few minutes to review the list below and see if anything hits home with you.

Spring Cleaning is the same as it has always been. April 1 can be the new goal day to begin the process of making it happen. Set the mood for 2019 by deciding on 10 days of spring cleaning designed for your life as well as your mood. Each day, plan to choose what kind of cleaning your feeling like doing and take a play from the list below. At least this is a starting place right?

Cold weather clothes - As the winter season winds down, you can examine your wardrobe with an informed eye. You know the clothes, hats, and gloves you always reached for and the boots that stayed on the closet shelf all season. Pack them up today, before another winter comes and you think you might wear them when really you know you want to replace them. Make room now.

Extra blankets - Except for linens and blankets for guests, family blanket usage is still fresh in your mind. How many got used during movie night, which kids prefer to grab blankets from the bed, and the blanket that you just can’t seem to get completely clean anymore. Check it out, why not donate your excess blankets, wash what’s left, and stow them for use next year.

Patio plants and planters - Do you need to revive plants that have seen better days; but you may have some that have kicked the bucket or that you can’t find a good place for? Honestly you probably need to toss dead plants, pass along unhappy ones to your green-er thumbed friends, and make sure that you trim dead parts off of the plants you do keep. Fertilize and add soil if necessary, and at the appropriate time, get them outside for sun as the weather allows. Along these lines, go through your collection of plant pots, saucers, baskets, and items in the garage. Really, only keep only what you’re using and maybe one or two you love for future plants.

Replace of donate excess serving ware - The Holidays are behind us and you realize you’re confronted with the fact that you didn’t use that bag of gold balloons for New Year’s Eve for the third year in a row, you may be willing to let it go. Maybe it's something you just love. Really, it's time to inventory all of your platters, drink dispensers, specialty napkins, and serving utensils and to make decisions on keeping only the old faithfuls you reach for again and again for parties and get togethers.

Update all your cleaning supplies - Spring cleaning season is coming up, and you’re far more likely to be in the mood if you don’t have to wade through a mess of floor mops you never use to get to the steam cleaner. Out with the old, in with the new. You must declutter your cleaning tools and products. Making sure what you keep will be used, and perhaps even add to inventory items you know you will use all year long. Spring sales are coming up!

Update and go through your summer products - Now, before you quite need them, is the time to go through your sunscreens and bug sprays. Check first for expiration dates and toss anything that’s expired or that has separated. Once you’ve cleared out everything that’s no longer good, you’ll know what you need to stock up on and you’ll have it before you head to the beach and water.

Remember your coffee and tea collection - In an effort to go where no woman has gone before... you may have recently decided to go through your basket of teas and coffees. Yikes! Do not keep tea that expired years ago. Much like spices, tea wanes with time. Since it may be awhile before you consume hot beverages as regularly as you might have been doing during colder weather, please take a moment to thin out your collection now. When you’re done, you might enjoy storing what’s left in one of these.

Remember your freezer - As the temperature shifts, your cooking may as well. Be sure that you take stock of what’s hiding in the freezer or may be unmarked with a storage date. The choice of course is to make plans to use it up so you have plenty of room for summer’s popsicles and ice cream or keep only what you are confident will be used. If you see freezer burn, pitch it. No good taste can happen from freezer burn.

The time is almost up for making choices on cleaning, donations, new purchases for your home, boat, dock or favorite patio furniture. Remember everyday is a new day. What's the plan today? What do you feel like tackling? Just make it count, and prepare for the days when you already have plans. Spring Fling and the prospect of working through all that cleaning has never been so easy. See it through today, and as you come out on the other side be sure to take pictures to remind you next Spring what you did this year so you don't forget.

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