Texas Still #2 In U.S. Relocation Activity For 2016

This Is The Latest Report And It Is Great News!

Below find the latest Relocation Report we have to date here in Texas. Pierpont Communications released this information in February 2018 and the analysis is really good for us here in Texas. For 4 years, Texas has over 5000,000 new residents. Reasons are clear, if you weren't born here many have decided they can get here as fast as they can. On every side, Texas has so many reasons to want to live here and to retire here. Strong and Steady growth establish a positive environment for business developement and raising a family.Texas Still #2 In Relocation Report 

Hunter Dodson
Pierpont Communications
Texas holds on to No. 2 spot for U.S. relocation activity in 2016
Texas Association of REALTORS® releases latest Texas Relocation Report

February 08, 2018 — Austin

Texas ranked second in the nation for incoming residents in 2016, according to the Texas Relocation Report released today by the Texas Association of REALTORS®. Analyzing the latest migration data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the report marked the fourth consecutive year that Texas experienced a gross inflow of more than 500,000 residents from out of state.

“Despite slowing job and economic growth over the last two years, housing-market and population growth have remained strong and steady throughout the state,” said Kaki Lybbert, 2018 chairman of the Texas Association of REALTORS®. “With more than half a million people moving here each year, it’s evident that the Lone Star State fosters a positive environment for business development and raising a family.”

According to the report, Texas welcomed 531,996 total new residents in 2016. This is less than the number of out-of-state residents who moved to Texas in 2015 (553,032), but the net gain of out-of-state residents in Texas in 2016 was still positive at 87,656 residents.

Nearly half of the gross inflow of residents to Texas originated from outside of the U.S. Among U.S. states, the highest number of new Texans relocated from California (69,945), Florida (31,145), Oklahoma (30,532), Louisiana (27,998) and Illinois (21,848).

Texas ranked third in the nation for the number of residents moving out of state (444,340) in 2016, but fewer people moved from Texas to other states compared to the previous report. The most popular out-of-state relocation destinations for Texans were California (39,109), Florida (31,153), Oklahoma (28,060), Louisiana (21,925), and Colorado (20,725).

At the Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) level, Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, New York-Newark-Jersey City, and Chicago-Naperville-Elgin produced the highest volume of residents relocating to Texas. Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington recorded the highest number of incoming residents from out-of-state (123,661) followed by Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land MSA (104,811).

At the county level, Harris County led the state with a net gain of 20,942 residents relocating from out of state, but four of the top 10 counties with the highest net gain of out-of-state residents were in North Texas (Dallas, Tarrant, Collin and Denton counties). Three of the top 10 counties were located in Central Texas (Travis, Williamson and Bell).

Lybbert concluded, “The Texas Triangle is a magnet for relocation activity and real estate development across the state. As these large MSAs like Austin and San Antonio continue to fuse together, it’s becoming increasingly important for our local and state leaders to think about housing development and affordability from a regional perspective. Texas REALTORS®, too, are learning to serve and be knowledgeable about larger and larger market areas.”

About the Texas Relocation Report -The Texas Relocation Report is based on data from the U.S. Census Bureau and U-Haul. The report analyzes county relocation data for the 43 largest demographic areas in Texas. The Texas Association of REALTORS® distributes insights about the Texas housing market each month, including quarterly market statistics, trends among homebuyers and sellers, luxury home sales, international trends, and more.

About the Texas Association of REALTORS® - With more than 110,000 members, the Texas Association of REALTORS® is a professional membership organization that represents all aspects of real estate in Texas. We advocate on behalf of Texas REALTORS® and private-property owners to keep homeownership affordable, protect private-property rights, and promote public policies that benefit homeowners. Visit to learn more.

The Soil Is Almost Ready

Buying Sod In Texas

The weather is starting to warm up and planting time for sod is almost here. If you have never purchased sod for your lawn or land, then let's go over this list and talk about some critical factors you really need to know prior to arrival. If you’re buying very much sod, have it delivered. It is very heavy. A heavy duty truck will be required if you do it yourself depending on what you need.

Lake Kiowa homes are known for their beauty. Events every weekend, BBQ's, parties, and boating activities always include your lawns. Whether you are cooking out on the grill, having a pool party, or planting flowers and reworking your gardens means your yard is highly visible. Sod, grass, and trees are a vital part of the landscape mix here at Lake Kiowa and we encourage you to read about planting sod instructions below. We all love Lake Kiowa!

Here are some helpful recommendations for you to consider and make plans for:

  • Please be sure to have your sod delivered (unless you own a heavy-duty truck). One pallet weighs 2,000-3,000 pounds. Not to mention unless you have a pallet jack to get it on and off the truck you will need to do it my hand. Not fun.
  • Plant your sod by the end of May, prior to really hot sun and temperatures. It makes for easier work, and it won’t dry out so quickly as you get it established.
  • Be sure you apply a glyphosate-only herbicide that has no other active ingredient. This will eliminate existing grasses and weeds without leaving any herbicidal residue in the soil.
  • Rototill to prepare the soil carefully. If you don't own one, go to the nearest local retail gardent centers for your area. Be sure to rake to a smooth grade afterwards.
  • Be sure to do the research on types of sod. Here in Texas,  St. Augustine for part shade or full sun; bermudagrass for full sun. Zoysias fall in-between and are becoming increasingly popular across much of Texas. Remember, there really isn't a grass for full shade.
  • Source your best sod yard you can. Most of you gardners out there are familiar with your independent retail garden centers in your area.
  • Fresh sod is bright green, and the soil portion will be moist. If it is brown you may want to rethink your source.
  • Try to buy Texas grown, processed in late afternoon and shipped to you overnight for early morning planting.
  • Sod laid onto tilled soil is a group effort. A team of four or five workers is required. It helps if you walk on pieces of plywood so you won’t leave footprints.
  • Each piece of sod should be as close as possible to each other. Voids which do happen can be filled to avoid gaps by cutting up the pieces to fit.
  • Be sure that you water each area of the yard as soon as you have the sod planted. Inventory carefully and be sure to fill any conspicuous cracks between pieces, although narrow spaces will still fill in very quickly.
  • Visually, if the lawn looks lumpy after you have planted the sod, consider rolling it one time with a half-filled lawn roller.
  • Watering is necessary for the first two weeks. Do water each day (unless it rains) for about 5 minutes per area; you will be able to gradually wean the grass to longer intervals between waterings.

When the sod takes hold and the grass begins to grow, be sure to mow at the recommended height as soon as the grass grows slightly beyond it. Keep the grass at that height. Low mowing encourages dense, spreading growth.
You can fertilize the new grass after the second mowing. It's best to use an all-nitrogen food with half or more of that nitrogen in slow-release form. Remember that the first feeding should be at half the recommended rate. Then, approximately one month later, fertilize at the recommended rate.

If you have any questions about your sod, be sure you write the down and discuss them with your sod provider. It would help to contact more than one grower, and if possible visit the sod farm if you are buying direct and not using a local nursery or garden facility.

Here are some Don'ts for the record that will save time, money eliminate having to purchase additional sod that could die.

  • Never start new sod without first rototilling the ground and raking it smooth ahead of time. If you only spread an inch of sand on top of the old grass and weeds, then lay out their sod; you are doomed to failure or severely impaired results. In this scenario "You only get one chance to do the job right."
  • Never accept sod with nutsege (nutgrass). If you can see nutsedge in the thin layer of soil, turn it down. The sod-cutting machines will slice the pea-sized “nutlets” cleanly in half. If nutsedge is present, you’ll be able to see those little pieces.
  • Never use weedkillers, including pre-emergent herbicides until the new grass has been through its first winter for best growing results.
  • Don't bother planting sod in a shaded area. Even St. Augustine will fail to grow when an area receives fewer than 5 or 6 hours of direct sunlight daily. If you have an area like this, it’s time to consider a groundcover. There are several shade tolerant groundcovers, and you can do research about that online very easily.

Sod is expensive. Take to heart the recommendations provided in this article. You will find that strict adhearance to these basic best accepted practices, your sod will perform in the manner you hope. Happy Lawns look beautiful and green, and will certainly be a gift to you and your neighbors and family each time you use your patio.

Lake Kiowa Premiere Real Estate is open 7 days a week – Monday through Saturday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Sunday from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The agents of Lake Kiowa Premiere Real Estate are always available to help you with any questions or concerns. 940-665-3300

Get Busy Winter Is Almost Here

Prepare Your Landscaping For Winter

Your yard was beautiful this year. If you are new to Lake Kiowa then remember it takes work all year long. Years of your hard work have paid off and your lawn and shrubs, color, and even the trees are just like you like them.

If you are an avid gardner and lawn keeper, then please pay attention to these most critical things you’ll want to accomplish before too much more time passes by and cold weather hits. All your hard work all year will need some special care; as will planting, pruning, and fertilizing now to maintain that simple beauty coming into 2018.  It's all about maintenance now.

Here are the next planting recommendations for North Texas lawns and gardens:

  •  Make sure that your Tulips and Dutch hyacinths have 45 days in the fridge before you plant them outdoors by the end of the year. This is probably your last call to get that done. Daffodils and grape hyacinths can be planted at any time of course, just make sure you purchase fresh potting soil.
  •  Most of the regional trees and shrubs can still be planted now, but you may have to hunt for them in the backs of the nurseries – behind the shipments of Christmas trees. Remember you can always ask your favorite nurseryman for help.
  • Keeping your patio and curb appeal color like Pansies and other winter color plants is always an option. Plants in raised beds of well-prepared, highly organic soil are required, and remember they can be outstanding in pots as well.

Recommendations for Pruning those outdoor beauties is a must:

  • Be sure to trim to re-shape foliage plants you’ve brought in from the patio for winter. It will stimulate new growth in the fast growing season.
    Be sure to go ahead and mow your lawn to remove fallen tree leaves.
  • Try to snip erratic growth from shrubs, but save major reshaping for two months from now (late January, early February) for maximum growing this coming Spring.

Regular fertilization habits must continue:

  • Understand thatPansies, pinks and other winter color with high-nitrogen, water-soluble plant food to keep them growing vigorously. Failure to feed adequately is a common cause of poor plant performance and you want your work to pay off in beauty.
  • Remember that your houseplants need monthly feeding with high-nitrogen, water-soluble plant food at half the recommended rate. Your goal for the winter is to maintain them status quo, not to encourage them to grow while they’re in the darker conditions indoors. Staying healthy is always best.
  • If you want to sow Ryegrass and fescue (cool-season grasses), then you must feed with high-nitrogen or all-nitrogen lawn food to keep it green. Water immediately after feeding.

Keep and eye out for pests, weeds, and unwanted grasses daily:

  • All your Broadleafed weeds will need killer spray on a sunny, warm and relatively still day to get rid of those cool-season broadleafed weeds before winter moves in. Read and follow label directions for your selections; or contanct your favorite nursery employee.
  • Remember to keep close watch on all houseplants closely for signs of scale insects, mealybugs, whiteflies and spider mites. These pests commonly come in from outdoors when we bring plants inside for the winter and will need to be treated. It's a good idea to spray everything before you take them in; and there are great broad solutions that can eliminate issues before those pesky pests show up.

By the way, to everyone out here at Lake Kiowa, hope you and your families had a great Thanksgiving. We look forward to seeing many of you at the Season's Events at the Lodge.



Texas Association of REALTORS® Releases Inaugural Texas REALTOR® Satisfaction Index

Texas Realtors Working For You - Lake Kiowa Premier Real EstateThe November 2017 The Texas Association of REALTORS® released the new report that gauges Texas homebuyer and seller satisfaction of working with a real estate agent. This is great news for everyone who is a licensed realtor here in Texas. What this means to you as a homebuyer or homeseller here in Texas, is that this inaugural Texas REALTOR® Satisfaction Index showed that a majority of homebuyers and sellers highly value the local market knowledge and expertise that Texas REALTORS® provide. Over 17,000 Surveyed respondents cited word-of-mouth referrals and timeliness in communications as important factors in the selection and satisfaction of working with a real estate agent.

Lake Kiowa Premier Real Estate is proud to have been a part of this report for 2017, and lets you know here in Texas, we continue to strive to provide you with the best service we can in finding you a buyer or a seller for your home. Here is some additional information you may enjoy reading.

According to the report, Texas homebuyers and home sellers rated their experience of working with a Texas REALTOR® a 4.91 and 4.87 out of 5.0, respectively. Among those surveyed, approximately 98 percent gave a satisfaction rating of "good" or "excellent", 1 percent selected "satisfactory" and less than 1 percent selected "poor" or "below expectations."

Respondents' satisfaction of working with a Texas REALTOR® was most likely to be impacted by the agent's ability to communicate clearly and in a timely manner. Vicki Fullerton, chairman of the Texas Association of REALTORS®, commented: "The Texas housing market moves fast, and it's increasingly important for REALTORS® to be able to operate at the speed of the market. This means allowing for greater accessibility, setting communication expectations up front with clients and ensuring clear, timely communications so that homebuyers and sellers can feel confident at every step of the process."

Despite the growing role of technology in the real estate industry, the Texas REALTOR® Satisfaction Index showed that more than one-third of homebuyers and sellers found their Texas REALTOR® through a referral from friends or family. Less than 5 percent of respondents found their Texas REALTOR® through an Internet search or online portal. Eight in 10 respondents indicated that they didn't consider another broker if they had previously worked with a Texas REALTOR®. Texas homebuyers and sellers ranked a deep understanding of a client's unique needs and local market conditions as the top two deciding factors in working with a Texas REALTOR®.

Fullerton concluded, "Being a Texas REALTOR® means striving to make a difference every day, not just in the lives of the homebuyers and sellers we serve, but in the communities in which we live, work and do business. That's why you'll often see Texas REALTORS® taking a stand on issues that impact our economy and quality of life, such as the recently passed Proposition Two which gives Texas homeowners easier access to the equity in their homes."

The number of Texas REALTORS® has grown approximately 27 percent since 2010, now exceeding 114,000. In 2017, Texas REALTORS® remain committed to homeowner advocacy and in 2017 alone invested $4.96M to the Texas Association of REALTORS® Political Action Committee (TREPAC) and donated more than $3M in Hurricane Harvey Relief through the Texas Realtor Disaster Relief Fund.

About the Texas REALTOR® Satisfaction Index - The 2017 edition of the Texas REALTOR® Satisfaction Index is based on survey responses from 17,000 Texas homebuyers and sellers collected in 2016 and compiled by RealSatisfied, a customer satisfaction and performance evaluation platform built specifically for the real estate industry.

About the Texas Association of REALTORS® - With more than 114,000 members, the Texas Association of REALTORS® is a professional membership organization that represents all aspects of real estate in Texas. We advocate on behalf of Texas REALTORS® and private-property owners to keep homeownership affordable, protect private-property rights, and promote public policies that benefit homeowners. Thanks you Texans for supporting us here at Lake Kiowa Premier Real Estate.

Herb & Spices Drying Tips

New Techniques For Preparing Herbs

Drying Herbs - Tips For Lake Kiowa Gardners

All you gardners out there should have your pre-fertilizers complete, and hopefully you have started looking for the next round of beautiful tender plants, herbs and spices you will be growing this fall. Pay particular attention to the plants to see they are well branched, full, and a lovely green color. And, remember to continue to fertilize with appropriate kinds of fertilizer for a more robust harvest this year.

Many of our residents here at Lake Kiowa already have beautiful gardens. Most of these families have fabulous cooks that are also growing herbs and spices, then drying them to have all year long for those special meals. We  have events with options to sell your products at any of the booths that support many of our organizations here at Lake Kiowa if you have an overstock of products and so desire.

If you are interested in starting to grow herbs and spices, or have never dried them before, please take note, and yes take notes, while we challenge you to do your thing. Drying herbs is a great way to preserve them to use in your recipes into the fall and winter months.

For many of us who do not garden; store purchases are great options for purchases of herbs and spices are both fresh and dried. The selections are varied and have in recent years been stocked in most leading grocery stores. If you just want to grow your own, save some money, and have huge quality product, you will only have a one-time expense, with a fresh homegrown supply of herbs year after year. Also be aware that most store bought herbs also have been irradiated, similar to the pasteurization process done with milk. This means that they are exposed to gamma radiation in order to destroy possible microbes or pathogens, also killing a lot of the nutrient content and vitamins. Drying your own herbs is not only inexpensive, but you also preserve the quality of the herb.

Now, if you don’t have much of a green thumb, you can often find fresh organic herbs at the farmer’s market. With a little bit of work and time you will have a good quality, organic herb, bottled and ready for year round cooking. There are options in North Texas for those purchases. You may also want to learn about your neighbors out here who do grow and maybe work out a deal with them.

Tips On Drying Your Own Herbs:

  1. Be sure to pick them early: Remember to pick your herbs prior to overgrowth and flowering. Plants will continue growing throughout the season and prevent them from getting too leggy and overgrown, harvest and cut the plants back, leaving a few inches of stem on. Try harvesting your herbs in the morning, after the dew has evaporated, but before the afternoon Sun has drained color and flavor. If drying will happen later, you can store them in jars of water, just as you would fresh flowers. Try to not harvest your herbs too late in the growing season after the Sun has started to dry and wilt them. It is best to harvest them while they are plentiful and lush. Sage, parsley, rosemary, and thyme grow well into the fall. That means that you will be able to use these fresh until the first frost comes and still before they need to be harvested and dried.
  2. Be sure to wash the stems completely: In growth if you keep them free of dirt you can gently shake them to remove any residual dirt or dust. If you choose to wash your herbs, carefully swish them in a bowl of cool water or you can gently pat them dry with a towel or allow them to air dry on a cooling rack. Make sure you remove any leaves that are discolored or spotted.
  3. The drying process: Herbs that have a lower moisture content such as thyme, rosemary, oregano, and sage can be air-dried. To air dry, simply divide your herbs in small batches (about 3-6 branches) and bind them together at the sturdiest bottom stems and the main stem. You can use light twine, twist ties, or tender rubber bands for kids work well for binding. If you use string to tie, be sure toleave a good length of string at the end to use for hanging. Hang the stems upside down in a dry, dark place with some air circulation; and not in the sun. Sunlight will reduce the color and flavor. A well-ventilated garage, attic or basement will work. If you have no place to hang them, you can also lay your herbs on a screen to dry. Be sure to check on them frequesntly and not allow moldy leaves, or pests to gather. Air-dried herbs should be ready in a few weeks, or when they become brittle.
  4. Storing your herbs: Once herbs are dried and crisp they are ready to be stored. Remove the dry leaves from the stems and store them in a small airtight container. You can store whole leaves or crush them between your fingers before storing. Old spice bottles, Mason jars, or even plastic baggies work really well for storage. Be sure to label your herbs as many look similar when they are dried. To keep your herbs fresher longer, store them in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and away from steam.

Now, you are ready to begin your fall project in growing and drying herbs and spices. Enhancing your family favorites, or trying brand new recipes using these fresh and dried herbs will be a delight. Both for you cooking and for friends and family tasting your wonderful cooking. Enjoy the fall season.

Reminders About Living Here!

Consider All Your Real Estate Options

We Love Realtors In Texas - Begin In Lake Kiowa

Buy real estate, sell real estate, lease real estate. These are the most important 3 things all realtors love to hear! Yes, it's true. We also love to hear that there are many reasons why you love to love Realtors in Texas.  Everyone here at Lake Kiowa has the best of the best when it comes to real estate. Remember we love Texas Estate, it is why we are here.

Many of our realtors here sell all over the state to serve you better. Some may provide services here at Lake Kiowa. But regardless of the reason Lake Kiowa Loves Texas Real Estate and beyond.  The bottom line is you have access to the best real estate opportunities right here in Texas anytime you call. With over 100,000 loyal to Texas Realtors to choose from, we invite you to join us in finding you that perfect home for you and your family.

Author Jamie Lee with the Texas Realtors Association Says There Are Many More Reasons To Love Texas Real Estate:

  • The stable housing market here in Texas is first. Did you know Texas small land sales jumped by 14% percent in 2016?  It’s one of only 10 states on steady ground. Fantastic news across the board.
  • Home prices are expected to keep going up. Rising demand and low inventory have created a seller’s market. Here in the North Texas market, the introduction of international companies relocating to our state is creating a great opportunity for buying and selling to meet this new demand.
  • We have the highest average equity levels. This means your property may be worth more than what you owe. In a market with high demand to keep up, real estate becomes part of a successful economy. Jobs are created and filled as people relocate to meet their needs.
  • It’s the No. 1 destination for state-to-state movers. This demand for housing can benefit your resale value. Maybe you want to consider investing or may be considering retirement; now is a great time.
  • A low unemployment rate means lots of job opportunities to help you achieve your real estate goals. More and more people will relocate from other parts of the country to fill these much needed jobs and bring with them more economic buying power.
  • You can make a great living here. Special jobs need special people to fill those jobs. According to national statistics, Texas is the No. 2 state in which to make a living, due in part to its affordability and lack of state income tax. This is great news for everyone.
  • Thinking about making a change? When you’re done working, warm weather and low cost of living make it an ideal location to retire here in Texas in your favorite location. Maybe even here at Lake Kiowa. We have a great place to live here!
  • Relatively low housing costs help make Texas a great place to raise a family. Builders are gearing up to meet demand. Homes, Master Planned Communities, Duplexes, and slightly rural communities are making a big difference.
  • A supportive business climate makes it the best state for business, especially small businesses. If you have a great service to offer the Texas economy, check into Economic Development in the city of your choice to find out what benefits you may have for your relocation.

Because only in Texas can you find a Texas REALTOR® to help you meet your real estate goals. Texas Realtors, what is so special about them you may ask?

Texas REALTORS® and private-property owners to keep homeownership affordable, protect private-property rights, and promote public policies that benefit homeowners. With over 110,00 members, The Texas Association of Realtors has a professional organization that truly represents all aspects of real estate in Texas. It just doesn't get any better than this!

The agents of Lake Kiowa Premiere Real Estate are always available to help you with any questions or concerns. Please call us today!



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