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Energy Efficient Homes

In today's real estate market, there are probably a hundred and one reasons why someone may buy a home right? Some are looking for that one thing they must have, others have a list of criteria, and still others want it because they fell in love while touring. Regardless of the reasons; we have some important information about Energy Efficient homes to share with you. As many of you potential home buyers are aware, it is possible to purchase an Energy Efficient Home. Let's talk about that for a minute.

Did You Know There Are Energy Efficient Mortgages?

An Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) is a type of mortgage that credits a home's energy efficiency in the mortgage itself. Most EEMs give borrowers the opportunity to finance cost-effective, energy-saving measures as part of a single mortgage and stretch debt-to-income qualifying ratios on loans thereby allowing borrowers to qualify for a larger loan amount and a better, more energy-efficient home.

Energy says -"To get an EEM, a borrower typically has to have a home energy rater conduct a home energy rating before financing is approved. This rating verifies for the lender that the home is energy-efficient. The information below provides you with some specifics you need to know before you buy:

  • EEMs are typically used to purchase a new home that is already energy efficient such as an ENERGY STAR certified home. The term EEM is commonly used to refer to all types of energy mortgages including Energy Improvement Mortgages (EIMs), which are used to purchase existing homes that will have energy efficiency improvements made to them. EIMs allow borrowers to include the cost of energy-efficiency improvements to an existing home in the mortgage without increasing the down payment. EIMs allow the borrower to use the money saved in utility bills to finance energy improvements.
  • Both EEMs and EIMs typically require a home energy rating to provide the lender with the estimated monthly energy savings and the value of the energy efficiency measures — known as the Energy Savings Value. EEMs (and EIMs) are sponsored by federally insured mortgage programs (FHA and VA) and the conventional secondary mortgage market. Lenders can offer conventional EEMs, FHA EEMs, or VA EEMs.
  • Conventional Energy Efficient Mortgages -Conventional EEMs increase the purchasing power of buying an energy efficient home by allowing the lender to increase the borrower's income by a dollar amount equal to the estimated energy savings. While Freddie Mac does not offer EEMS, they do allow underwriting flexibilities for energy efficient improvements with all of their offerings. Discuss this directly with your lender to find out more. To find a lender in your area, please visit the ENERGY STAR Partner Locator.

Another Type of Mortgage is the FHA Energy Efficient Mortgage -The mortgage loan amount for an FHA EEM can be increased by the cost of effective energy improvements. The maximum amount of the portion of the EEM for energy efficient improvements is the lesser of 5% of:homesbanner right 0 1

  • the value of the property, or
  • 115% of the median area price of a single family dwelling, or
  • 150% of the conforming Freddie Mac limit.

For more information on FHA EEM loan limits refer to FHA Mortgagee Letter 2009-18 (WORD, 68 KB) and ask your agent. No additional down payment is required, and the FHA loan limits won't interfere with the process of obtaining the EEM. FHA EEMs are available for site-built as well as for manufactured homes. Applications for an FHA EEM may be submitted to the local HUD Field Office through an FHA-approved lending institution. HUD has a searchable list of approved lenders. Information about the FHA EEM can be found on FHA's web site.  Additional information is available from HUD's Office of Single Family Housing by calling (800) 569-4287. There is also a fact sheet about FHA's EEM (PDF, 70KB). The Systems Building Research Alliance (link is external) has information about FHA EEMs for ENERGY STAR certified manufactured homes.

You May Want To Consider A VA Energy Efficient Mortgage - The Veteran's Administration (VA) EEM is available to qualified military personnel, reservists and veterans for energy improvements when purchasing an existing home. The VA EEM caps energy improvements at $3,000–$6,000. Borrowers should ask their lender about a VA EEM at the beginning of the lending process. More information about VA EEMs can be obtained from the website for the U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs or by calling (800) 827-1000. Chapter 7 of VA Pamphlet 26-7 (Revised) (PDF, 1.5MB) contains lender guidance on the VA EEM."

Whatever you decide to purchase, you will need to have a mortgage. Unless you are paying cash. The amount you will need to pay as a downpayment, and monthly payment amounts may be negotiable; it's prudent to exercise all your options, and then discuss these options with your real estate agent. If you need to have a clearer understanding about what all the numbers mean, how things may apply to your current lending situation, and what are your options, call us here at Lake Kiowa Premier Real Estate. We care about you; and understand the market, lending, and mortgages here in Texas. It's our job and we love it. Call us today to find out more about lending options for your dream home today.

The agents of Lake Kiowa Premiere Real Estate are always available to help you with any questions or concerns. Call us today at 940-665-3300, a qualified real estate agent is standing by to help you.

Do The Research Now Before You Buy

Beautiful Windows In Your New HomeAs winter approaches, there may be many things to discuss about your current home, or potential new home with regard to maintenance on the windows. If you have lived in your home for more than 5 years and not replaced the windows, now may be a good time to take a deep look and evaluate if repairs or replacement may be indicated.

If you are considering a move and a new home purchase, research now what to look for. There is plenty of information about styles, type, Leeds & EPA certified models which will save you lots of dollars and keep your heating and electric bills down. Proper education now means you will become an educated buyer prior to a home inspection. This is great news in being able to discern additional costs you may not have thought of prior to touring that dream home.

New windows are definitely an investment for your home. As a buyer for a potential new home, it's easy to overlook possible repairs or replacement costs. Some costs may easily be from $300 to $1,000 per window, and it may be something you must consider. Most homebuyers don’t factor in window costs when searching for a new home. However, remember you can educate yourself about what is available before you tour the next potential home. Keeping the heat and AC inside is definitely a consideration here in Texas where the summers can be extreme in temperatures.

Pay Particular Attention To:

  • If the windows are difficult to open and close; you can of course test them all, but be sure to try some out. If you are unsure about them, please remember to ask your real estate agent.
  • Be sure to note any damage to window frames. Finding signs of water damage, rotted wood, or recently made repairs, both inside and outside are critical to determine what type of work needs doing.
  • Is there hardware missing. Most hardware can be replaced, including cranks for casement windows, but if the hardware is missing, it could be a sign that the window does not work properly. Check with your agent for additional information.
  • If you do not have clear sight from a window, or it appears to be foggy and a double-pane window; a seal may be compromised. Condensation between the panes of glass means the seal has been broken and the energy efficiency of the window has been compromised.

What about single-pane windows. Single pane windows were installed usually in older homes. Most were not very energy efficient, and replacement with new double-pane windows are will certainly be more energy efficient.

Double-paned windows are said to save energy, save money, and add to a home’s value. Pros say lowering your environmental footprint and insulating your home against outside noise is always a win win. While you can't buy just one and expect savings,  it’s hard to find reasons you shouldn’t consider energy-efficient windows, just remember quality in this type of product does matter. issues related to window quality and installation that can reduce, or negate, the energy savings you are aiming to receive is also a valid consideration in doing your research.

Remember to ask your agent if replacement windows are part of the costs before you buy. Always consider future maintenance when surveying the windows in general. Wood windows can be scraped and painted every few years and still maintain their integrity. If new windows are an option, there are number of low-maintenance models available, including vinyl, fiberglass, and composite, as well as wood windows where the wood is exposed inside but covered with vinyl or aluminum outside to protect it from the elements.

Research prior to touring is a really great idea. That way when you find something you love, you can discuss any concerns with a home inspector and it can be included in the report. While you may not have planned to spend money for window fixes as a new homeowner, we believe that new windows can benefit you in the long run by having a more energy-efficient home.

The agents of Lake Kiowa Premiere Real Estate are always available to help you with any questions or concerns. Call us today at 940-665-3300

The agents of Lake Kiowa Premiere Real Estate are always available to help you with any questions or concerns.


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The agents of Lake Kiowa Premiere Real Estate are always available to help you with any questions or concerns.


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08/26/2016 | Author: Fran J. Donegan, guest expert
Fran J. Donegan writes on home improvement for Home Depot. Fran is a longtime DIY author and has written several books, including Paint Your Home.

Lake Kiowa Is A FireWise Community

June 20, 2016—Lake Kiowa, Texas—Lake Kiowa is being recognized for maintaining their status as an active Firewise Community recognized by the National Fire Protection Association, as part of their nationwide Firewise Communities/USA program.

Lake Kiowa is one of nine Texas Firewise communities that are celebrating 5 years as an active community, since their initial recognition in 2012. There are a total of 141 communities nationwide that have reached the 5 year mark. Texas currently has 78 active Firewise Communities and there are 1,302 communities recognized across the nation. Lake Kiowa is the only community in Cooke County to receive the Firewise recognition and is helping to set a precedence for other communities to work together and take ownership of protecting their homes and property from the threat of wildfire.

“It’s not a question of if, but when the next major wildfire will occur. Wildfires can happen anywhere and at any time, stated Nick Harrison Firewise Coordinator for the Texas A&M Forest Service. Firewise Communities and Firewise practices are a process that empower neighbors to work together in reducing their wildfire risks.”

A 5-year Firewise recognition ceremony was held June 20, at the Lake Kiowa Property Owners Association meeting. Representatives from the Texas A&M Forest Service presented a 5-year plaque to Lake Kiowa for their sustained efforts in maintaining their Firewise Community.

Lake Kiowa Special Utilities District New Website

Have You Seen It Yet?

Lake Kiowa Special Utility District Website

Lake Kiowa Special Utility District - Committed to Providing Clean, Safe Water for All of Lake Kiowa

Go to to find out more now

Welcome to the Official Website of Lake Kiowa Special Utility District in Lake Kiowa, TX launched on June 28, 2016! As the main provider of your water, we invite you to come to the new website and find out all the information now available to you on a regular basis.

Lake Kiowa Special Utility District will provide dependable water service that consistently meets or exceeds TCEQ water quality standards.  Services will be delivered at a fair and reasonable price that reflects the cost of producing, testing, storing, and distributing this precious treasure. It is our goal to always treat our customers equally with respect and honesty. If you are interested in finding out more information then please go to and take a look at the new website.

We are currently in the process of installing new meters as shown above to assist in creating a fixed based reading system. Once all the meters are changed out and the fixed based system is completed, we will be able to receive daily notifications of high usage on meters that will assist us in notifying our customers that they might have a possible leak. There also will be a customer login where each customer will be able to setup an account to monitor their own usage. We will notify customers when this is available.

Stay tuned here to the latest alerts from your water utility. Remember to Subscribe to have News & Notices, and Alerts delivered via email or text!  Just another way we are working to better serve our community.

The Secret Is Out

Welcome To Lake KiowaIf you are not familiar with Lake Kiowa and the community surrounding the lake, let us tell you about one of the best kept secrets in North Texas. Lake Kiowa, Texas on Farm Road 902  is seven miles southeast of Gainesville in east central Cooke County, and was established in 1967. Within an hour's drive of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolis, Lake Kiowa has quickly became a popular resort development for North Texas families. In the 1980s its 1,800 acres included the lake for which it was named (a private, 600-acre lake on Indian Creek), two sandy beaches, and has a now PGA rated eighteen-hole golf course with a full time golf pro on staff.

At that time no businesses were allowed within the enclosed development, which was managed by a board of directors elected by the members of the property owners' association. In 1988 the community had 712 homes, about half of which were occupied year-round; the others were used primarily on weekends, holidays, and during the summer. The community is in the Callisburg school district. Its estimated population in 1989 was 1,500, and in 1990, some 1,200. By 2000 the population grew to 1,883. According to the United States Census Bureau, the CDP has a total area of 3.8 square miles (9.8 km2), of which 3.0 square miles is land and 0.81 square miles , or 21.07%, is water.

Fun For The Asking!

Lake Kiowa Lodge & Tavern

The Lodge at Lake Kiowa is the center of activity for our community members and guests. Regular dining hours in both the Tavern lovingly call "The 19th Hole", and the Restaurant makes your life here like a cool breeze.   In addition to providing fine food in the restaurant and '19th Hole', the Lodge serves as a meeting place for many of the Lake Kiowa social clubs, service organizations, dances, entertainment and Sunday Chapel Services every month. As a resident or guest, the only choice you have to make each day is to decide to go and relax at any of the special events and activities planned for you by the staff.

Join family, neighbors and friends for a special event or fine dining at . . . The Lodge at Lake Kiowa Lodge  The Phone: 665-3741 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Regular Lodge Hours:

  • Restaurant & 19th Hole
  • Monday  Closed
  • Tuesday thru Thursday -  11:00 am to 9:30 pm
  • Friday & Saturday -  11:00 am to 10:30 pm
  • Sunday - 8:00 am to 9:30 pm
  • Breakfast Menu on Sunday morning from 8:00 am to 11:00 am

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