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Lake Kiowa Beautiful Patios

 Your New Lake Kiowa Patio Room

Ahh! the fun of having a fire in a fireplace is almost here.Cook outs are a vital part of every community in Texas and having a patio like this one in the picture would be great for your family or friends get together.This last bit of cooler weather we know even North Texas is going to experience winter soon enough. It's that time of year when we all look forward to that hot cup of tea or hot chocolate by the fire.  Other than the chores associated with having a fireplace experience, we believe that everyone can enjoy the warmth and coziness of burning fire in the fireplace by considering a gas fireplace. If you like the look in this picture how about thinking about doing something like this for next spring? Many homeowners here at Lake Kiowa choose to remodel over the winter when possible to be able to enjoy their new patios as long a possible.

Perhaps it's time to consider keeping that experience but with a twist...using a new install of a Gas Fireplace outside on your patio. It is possible that you could take it to the next level by considering a new seethru gas fireplace for your outdoor patio room. Wouldn't you love to have a patio like this with no qualms about bumdling up out there to read a book or have a cook out all year long?

Most folks love wood, and for sure it does have a special place in our hearts. Wood can deliver the ambiance you are hoping for, but in reality, it doesn't have to be wood! More and more homes that have exterior fireplaces are considering converting your wood burning fireplace to a beautiful gas fireplace. Being creative may be the new buzz word for your next patio remodel. When you see a patio like in the picture above, it could capture your heart for all season for you and your family.  We believe that It doesn't get any better than this.

Consider the Pros -  The advantages to a gas fireplace are simple:

  • It means no more cutting, stacking and hauling wood from somewhere else in the yard. For seniors this is a perfect solution.
  • No more ashes to clean up. Regular cleaning is a breeze and saving money on the wood is a great idea.
  • No more strategy required to start a fire. Selection of a remote control or wall switch magically ignites the flames with ease.
  • Gas is really convenient and can help you and your family be spontaneous to cook out.
  • Gas is relatively inexpensive when compared to the expense of buying, then getting wood stacked and delivered to you.
  • Call you favorite designer and tell them to discuss with you the options of using  an outdoor gas fireplace on your patio

The actual conversion process of installing a gas fireplace has been so popular that many people who take that step, find that more fires are better and leave more time for simply enjoying that book, nap, or family get together for a cookout. Comfort on your new patio could really be quite wonderful right?

There are a lot of new styles and types of gas burners, fireplaces, stoves and more out there for consideration when you are considering adding value to your Lake Kiowa home.

Consider The Following For Your Specific Location: Options For Consideration:

  • Contemporary Burners & Fireplaces
  • Log Sets
  • Burners
  • Vent Free Fireboxes
  • Vent Free Fireplaces
  • Direct Vent Fireplaces
  • Fireplace Inserts
  • Cast Iron Stoves
  • Multi Sided Fireplace Systems
  • B-Vent Fireplaces
  • Mantels
  • Accessories
  • Decorative Doors
  • Finish Options
  • Custom Built Specifications
  • Remote
  • And Much Much More!

From now till the first of the year you are free to consider next years home improvement plans for your Lake Kiowa home. If you have been here for years; or just joined the Lake Kiowa community; you are invited to have fun while you are here. Be sure to contact us at the office if you have any questions about your home.


 Proudly Made in the USA – Providing Opportunities for Employees and Suppliers

Action Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning & Electrical has chosen to install White Mountain Hearth Indoor and Outdoor fireplaces in the greater Madison WI and Dane County area.

FYI: Empire manufactures White Mountain Hearth indoor and outdoor fireplaces, inserts, logs & burners, cast iron stoves, and mantels at the company’s two manufacturing facilities in Belleville, Illinois, just outside of St. Louis.  The company has provided jobs to southern Illinois residents for more than 100 years – both in the original sheet metal shop dating back to 1911 and in the manufacturing facility that opened in 1932.  The children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren of some of the original employees still proudly work to produce our products, truly making this a family business.

Use WaterSense Products

Updates On Your Lake Kiowa Home

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Water Efficiency Is Just a Click Away!

When was the last time you considered updating your Lake Kiowa home with fixtures that might save you money? If you have not considered a new project on your investment, you may take a closer look at how you could save some money this year in your home.

Consider using WaterSense plumbing parts and fixtures for your next home design project. WaterSense makes it easy to find and select water–efficient products that can help your wallet and the environment at the same time. Just look for products bearing the WaterSense label at your local retailer shown on the right here.

Did You Know?

All WaterSense labeled products sold with the WaterSense label are backed by independent, third–party certification and meet EPA’s specifications for water efficiency and performance. By choosing to take steps each day to save water and protect the environment. When you use these water–saving products in your home or business, you can expect exceptional performance, savings on your water bills, and assurance that you are saving water for future genera

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Check Out These WaterSense Products:

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  • And So Much More!

    New Products from WaterSense are always being developed. Don't forget that you need to go back frequently to check out what new water–efficient products that are in development for WaterSense! Lake Kiowa Premier Realty invites you to consider WaterSense products for your home here at Lake Kiowa anytime you consider making an investment in designing new things for your home. Water, energy and money water efficient products will definitely save you money, energy use, and make it easier to maintain.

To find out more about the distinction of using WaterSense options, click here now.

“There are a number of ways to save water, and they all start with YOU.” - Water - Use It Wisely.

Since the world has become more “green” aware, products offering to save water are flooding the market. They can help improve your water efficiency. Here are some guidelines you may want to consider before purchasing a new device or fixture. Water – Use It Wisely is a proud WaterSense partner.

Lake Kiowa Youth Rules & Regs On Golf Carts

Golf Cart Accident Prevention - Lake Kiowa

Golf Cart Operations out here at Lake Kiowa should be reviewed every so often especially if you have youth in your home. Since Golf carts are vehicles and can also be quite dangerous if used incorrectly we will take this opportunity to update for you some facts you may have forgotten or were not aware of. Many of our young adults may be of age now to obtain a Minors Golf Car Permit. Please if you have any questions let us know.

Many people are injured each year in golf cart accidents and young people are injured in high numbers. Our narrow, winding roads are busy with lots of members in a hurry headed to work and contractors driving big trucks headed to construction sites. Young people are whizzing around in high powered, jacked up golf carts with awesome sound systems.

Mixing young people with the freedom and power of a golf cart can be dangerous. As the picture on the right shows, they can get away from you rather quickly. Defense is always a good idea in driving any vehicle of any size. Make sure everyone who operates your golf cart is legal and trained, and they keep the music volume down so as not to disturb others. With winter approaching, and as the weather gets bad just be sure those in your household have been properly licensed. We have a lot of Holiday events coming up and safety is our primary concern.

Please take a few minutes to review the educational information below on driving a golf cart here at Lake Kiowa: – ** Golf Cart Operator Licensing of Minors

Minors, 13 years of age and older, may obtain a “Golf Cart Permit,” for carts designed to carry a maximum of 4 passengers and if they successfully complete the “Youth Golf Cart Safety Education Program,” pass the required exam, and obtain signatures from the Parent/Guardian. These forms and instructions are available from the Security Department office. The “Golf Cart Permit” must be carried at all times the holder is operating the golf cart and may be revoked for a period of 90 days for any violations of the golf cart rules, and 180 days for a second (2nd) violation of the golf cart rules. Golf Cart Operations

A minor (10 years of age or older) may drive a golf cart if: (1) an occupant in the cart (18 years of age or older) possesses an unrestricted driver license (with photo ID) and agrees to ride adjacent to the driver at all times, or (2) the minor carries a valid Golf Cart Permit authorized by Rule, or (3) the minor possesses a valid unrestricted driver’s license (with photo ID).
What is new this year is that no one under 10 years of age may be solely behind the steering wheel and operating the cart, even if an adult is sitting next to them. Kids under 10 must be in the lap of the adult and the adult able to fully control the brake, accelerator, and steering wheel as 9 and under are not coordinated and experienced enough to pilot a vehicle in a dangerous setting.We know that Lake Kiowa is about fun for lots of people - golfing, boating, tennis playing, etc. We want everyone to have fun, but to do so safely.

Thanks so much for your interest in Lake Kiowa Realty and our website. It is our goal to make sure you as a potential or existing resident are familiar with our Lake Kiowa rules and regulation for your safety while here. Be sure to check out The Communique for all the exciting news coming up for the Holidays. It's November already!


Water Sense Plumbing Products For Your Remodel

Water Efficiency Is Just a Click Away!

Remodel At Lake Kiowa With Water Sense Plumbing ProductsCurrently in many US residential homes, owners are thinking about updating, remodeling, and considering a complete rehab for different areas of their homes, business, or institutional locations. Here at Lake Kiowa we are well aware that many of you want to invest in your future. We also believe this is always a good thing, and we invite you to consider using Water Sense Plumbing Products for all your plumbing needs. IHere at Lake Kiowa Premier Real Estate your favorite Lake Kiowa Realtor invites you to consider using Water Sense products with replacement of all your plumbing replacement parts. One look above and a picture is a thousand words!

Lake Kiowa Premier Real Estate says our commitment to you is to provide excellent service and quality information about investing in your home. Using Water Sense products for any new design, remodel or renovation project means you can upon completion start saving money. 

WaterSense products for your home designs  makes it easy to find and select water–efficient products that can help your wallet and care for the environment too. Just look for products bearing the WaterSense label. Kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, laundry and utility remodels, and even a pool room remodel are now within your budget. By the installation of your new sink, toilet, shower, faucet, or wash station you make the best decision on Water Sense products for your home, business or institution products. This is style with a big surprise.

Are you familiar with Water Sense products? If not, let's talk about that for a moment. WaterSense labeled products are backed by independent, third–party certification and meet EPA’s specifications for water efficiency and performance. Using these water–saving products in your home or business, or institution, you can expect exceptional performance, savings on your water bills, and the assurance that you are saving water for future generations. Look for the WaterSense Label shown below.

Water Sense Logo Means Quality Savings For Your Lake Kiowa Home

You May Want To Consider Any Of These Water Sense Products:

  • WaterSense Products Residential Toilets
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  • Sprinklers for Watering Grass

Look for the WaterSense Label

Whether remodeling an existing kitchen, laundry room, pet station, pool shower, bathroom, starting construction of a new home, or simply replacing an old leaky toilet that is wasting money and water, installing a WaterSense labeled products are high-performance, water-efficient options worth considering. WaterSense labeled products are available at a wide variety of price points and a broad range of styles and in many areas, utilities offer rebates and vouchers that can lower the price of many WaterSense labeled products.

Things To Consider:

  • New Products: Check out what new water–efficient products are in development for WaterSense!
  • Find a WaterSense labeled product.
  • Find water-saving rebate programs offered by WaterSense partners.
  • Find out how much water, energy, and money water–efficient products can save you.

WaterSense Basics To Learn:

Green building has grown from a niche market to a savvy business strategy no matter where they are installed. WaterSense labeled homes meet consumers’ demand for a whole-house solution to help them save water, energy, and money while maintaining a high level of performance in the kitchens, bathrooms, mud rooms, utility rooms, and laundry rooms. Some of the benefits of WaterSense labeled homes include:

  • Faster Hot Water—Efficient plumbing distribution systems get hot water to the tap faster, so you waste less time, water, and energy. Learn more about Hot Water Distribution Product and System Design Solutions.
  • Savings that Perform—WaterSense labeled fixtures are independently certified to use less water and perform as well or better than standard models.
  • Peace of Mind—Trained professionals conduct independent inspections to ensure that WaterSense labeled homes meet EPA’s criteria, so you can be sure the homes perform well and save water.
  • Outdoor Ease—High-performing landscapes are designed to be low-maintenance and water-efficient without sacrificing curb appeal. WaterSense labeled irrigation controllers help homeowners water smarter.
  • Remember to find out more about Landscape Design and Irrigation Solutions.

 Remember to go your favorite designer, plumber, or design center to take a look for new or upcoming rebate offerings for your home, business, or commercial facilities. Trust the Best Water Sense Quality Products.




Selecting The Right Realtor For You

Don't Make These Mistakes When Pricing Your Home

See This Home On The Premier Website 1213 Kiowa Drive WOk, you made a decision. You want to put your home on the market. What is the next decision you need to make?  Normal course of action would dictate find a realtor. But, not just any realtor. There are many real estate brokers and agents out there but what and how to know who will work best is by finding out more about those in your area if you do not know anyone.

Lake Kiowa Premier Real Estate can help you with this decision. A simple call to the office to discuss your real estate needs is first and foremost. Premier agents know Texas, DFW, and most especially Lake Kiowa. Premier agents can help you determine your priorities, and then get you started in the overall process.

Deciding how much to ask is another one of the most important decisions you must have when selling your home. Why? The bottom line is you want to sell your home, at the right price for the area where it is located; and hopefully make it where you are making a reasonable profit. The Texas Real Estate Association put out a great flyer with just the right information on it to begin that process.  Here are a few pitfalls to avoid,


Setting a high asking price can backfire. Buyers are reluctant to make offers on clearly overpriced homes. And the longer a home sits on the market, the more it takes on the stigma of a property with a problem.


Some home values you find online may be based on incomplete or inaccurate data. REALTORS® and real estate appraisers are your best sources for real estate data and pricing information.


Your house may be worth more or less than a similar house in a different neighborhood. In addition to location, other factors that affect price include property condition, size, and features.


Buyers won’t pay more for the fond memories you have of your time in your home. They also won’t ake into account your financial situation. All that matters is what the home is worth to them. Deciding how much to ask is one of the most important decisions when selling your home. Here are some pitfalls to avoid.

Your Texas REALTOR® agents here at Premier can help you determine a price to help you sell your home and meet your goals. We are close, right at the entry here at Lake Kiowa and if you are wanting to sell another home in Texas elsewhere we can help with that as well.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us with any special requests you may have about our wonderful community here at Lake Kiowa.

The agents of Lake Kiowa Premiere Real Estate are always available to help you with any questions or concerns.


4 Of The 5 Fastest Growing Big Citites Are In Texas

Stay Informed About Texas Real Estate

Home Building In Texas

If you have any questions about the real estate markets here in Texas, now is the time to discuss these in relation to your business or personal real estate investments. Premier Real Estate here in Lake Kiowa, is here for you. Let us make an appointment to discuss your current needs. This article does have a positive perspective about the overal condition of the Real State Market In Texas. Some things have changed, some things have definitely driven up costs, but this information is valuable to you as an invester, home owner, or even business owner.

You have probably heard for years that Texas has built a reputation as a place where families can live well for less. In addition you have probably also heard that several of its metropolitan areas are consistently ranked among the nation’s most affordable as well. The good news for us here in Texas is that the economic success of our cities is changing that picture a little but not as much as most other states. While some costs have risen, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, the rise in Texas home prices has outpaced that of the nation as a whole since 2011.

Dr. Ali Anari Research Economist, Texas A&M Real Estate Center Another important fact is that a recent Texas A&M Real Estate Center study says Texas housing prices have risen enough to reduce Texans traditional cost of living advantage. The state's growing economy isn't all over the state, but Dr. Ali Anari a research economist at Texas A&M Real Estate Center indicates as of March 2018, "Texas created jobs at an annual rate of 2.5% from December 2016 to December 2017, which is still higher than the nation's employment growth rate of 1.4 percent." In the next few paragraphs, we will be quoting his statistics realeased in March of 2018.

Texas does also continue to experience explosive population growth, gaining nearly 1,100 people per day. According to recent Census estimates, four of the nation’s five fastest-growing large cities (those with 50,000 or more residents) are in Texas — Conroe, Frisco, McKinney and Georgetown, all of them located within the state’s largest metropolitan areas.

What About Rising Building Costs?

Texas homebuilders are struggling to meet the strong demand for affordable single-family homes. One of the ongoing problems they face has been a lack of skilled construction workers following the housing bust of the Great Recession. In the recent years between 2007 and 2013, the nation’s builders lost more than 2 million workers, and only 40 percent of them ultimately returned to the industry. The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas reports that Texas’ residential construction job count fell more than total employment during the recession, and took more time to rebound.

This ongoing shortage of carpenters, masons and other skilled workers led to higher wages, which increase the bottom-line price of homes. And construction worker pay is rising much faster in Texas than in the nation as a whole. Inflation-adjusted average hourly earnings in Texas’ construction sector rose by more than 20 percent between 2011 and 2016, versus just 4.7 percent for the U.S. construction sector — and nearly four times the 5.9 percent growth in Texas’ total average private-sector earnings. An additional factor of interest is the cost of land itself, which we will discuss now.

“Land costs account for 20.4 percent of Texas home prices, historically the highest percentage [we’ve seen] and up from 14.1 percent in 2000,” Anari says. And Texas’ land price index, a measure of the extent to which land prices change over time, indicates prices are increasing quickly. “Since 2000, the Texas land price index for single-family homes has increased by 122 percent, compared with 95 percent nationally,” he says.Government regulation also plays a role as well. According to the Texas Public Policy Foundation, many Texas cities have reacted to rapid growth by enacting strict zoning codes — ordinances controlling land use and construction — that remove tracts of land from development, driving up demand and prices.

Where building can take place, the cost of regulatory compliance contributes to higher prices. Such costs can include permit, hookup and “impact” fees, environmental surveys, requirements for specific building materials and much more — all well-intentioned, but all adding to the bottom line.

A 2016 study by the National Association of Home Builders estimated government regulations account for nearly a quarter (24.3 percent) of the final price of an average new single-family home. And between 2011 and 2016, these regulatory costs rose by nearly 30 percent, while the nation’s per capita disposable income increased by just 14.4 percent. In other words, regulatory costs are rising more than twice as fast as the average American’s ability to pay for a home.

Rising costs associated with building have made the development of moderately priced housing difficult and less profitable for homebuilders. As a result, single-family home construction is skewing away from “entry-level” housing and toward larger, more expensive — and more profitable — homes.

The stock of entry-level homes is most limited in the state’s major metropolitan areas, although an abundance of homes is available at higher price points. According to the Real Estate Center, sales of homes priced from $300,000 to $399,000 have been rising since 2012, while sales of homes priced below $200,000 have been either flat or declining.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the booming Austin-Round Rock area had the highest median home price in 2017, at $299,900. And, while Austin has the highest median price, it hasn’t seen the fastest price increase. That distinction falls to our near neighbors in Grayson County’s fast-growing Sherman-Denison metro area, which saw an 83 percent increase in its median price between 2011 and 2017 (Exhibit 2), although that price remains well below the state median.*Metropolitan Statistical Area as defined by the federal government. Note: Texas A&M Real Estate Center began tracking single-family data separately in 2011. Source: Texas A&M Real Estate Center

Please note that according to these same statistics, that Texas housing still remains a bargain compared to many other areas of the nation. According to the Real Estate Center, for instance, in November 2017 the median sale price for existing Texas homes was about $218,000, while the median price realized for new homes was nearly $286,000. The National Association of Realtors, by contrast, reports the nationwide median price for existing homes was $248,200 in November 2017. In the same month, according to the Census Bureau, the median U.S. price for new homes was $334,900.

Rising Rental Markets

Did you know that Texas has a large rental housing market? The Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation reports about 38 percent of Texans are renters; these include the majority of the state’s newcomers. Inevitably, the same factors affecting demand and sales prices have boosted rents in some regions.

Reasons for these mixed market conditions contributing to high rents include a limited supply of land zoned for multifamily use and high development costs. As with single-family housing, high costs incentivize developers to build properties designed to yield higher returns. The most recent study by Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, indicates that most of the new multifamily construction under way across the U.S. is at the higher end of the market, with low-rent units growing increasingly scarce in major cities.

Growing demand from higher-income households, such as relocating professionals, also can push rent higher. That said, not that the Austin, DFW and Houston metro areas, currently have the highest median monthly rents in Texas as does Midland whose energy-related industry is surging back after the oil price slump. Together, these areas have helped push the median Texas rent to $956, even though rents trend lower in most other Texas metro areas. The U.S. median rent was similar, at $981 in 2016.

Austin-Round Rock also leads the state in its rate of rent increase, followed by smaller metro areas including Abilene, Lubbock, Odessa, Midland and San Angelo (Exhibit 4). With the exception of Midland, however, each of these smaller cities had median gross rents below the state median, as seen in Exhibit 3. The state’s median rent rose by 17.6 percent between 2011 and 2016, easily outpacing the national rate of 12.6 percent.

Housing Costs Versus Income

In noting analysis of the high housing costs, you must realize they pose challenges for households and for the state’s economy. The cost and availability of affordable housing can determine a family’s access to work, education, shopping and many more factors are affected. It also affects employers’ ability to hire and retain qualified workers, which in turn can influence where companies choose to locate and expand.

Although Texas’ housing affordability remains favorable compared to other states, high housing costs in some regions force many households to make serious tradeoffs. These often include commuting farther to work each day, postponing or forgoing homeownership, living in more crowded housing and spending a greater share of income on housing. And these trade-offs are particularly challenging for households with low incomes.

Most of these types of information are coming from metro areas listed are Austin-Round Rock, Midland, Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, Houston-The Woodlands- Sugar Land, San Antonio-New Braunfels, Corpus Christi, Odessa, Lubbock, Abilene, College Station-Bryan, Killeen-Temple, Victoria, Tyler, San Angelo, Beaumont-Port Arthur, Amarillo, Waco, Longview, Laredo, El Paso, Sherman-Denison, Wichita Falls, McAllen-Edinburg-Mission, Texarkana, Brownsville-Harlingen.

*Metropolitan Statistical Area as defined by the federal government and their source information is the last US Census Bureau reports. The latest Census estimates indicate 26.4 percent of Texas homeowners with mortgages are “cost-burdened,” spending 30 percent or more of their household incomes on house payments, still slightly below the comparable U.S. figure of 28.1 percent.

In addition to those figures above, mortgage payments, property taxes also make it more difficult to afford homes. In a Tax Foundation analysis based on 2014 tax information, Texas had the nation’s sixth-highest “effective” property tax rate (the average amount of residential property taxes paid expressed as a percentage of home value — in Texas’ case, 1.67 percent).

In general, renters are even more likely to be cost-burdened — 43.9 percent of Texas renters and 46.1 percent of renters in the U.S. spend 30 percent or more of household income on rent and utilities.

According to the Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation, a Texas household must earn $18.38 per hour or $38,234 annually to afford the state’s average fair-market rent of $956 for a two-bedroom apartment without being cost-burdened. Unfortunately, the average renter in Texas earns only $17.89 per hour.

What about our future in Texas?

There are many opinions  on the extent of Texas’ future housing challenges, but it is a fact that economic growth and population increases will put continuing upward pressure on the state’s home prices and rents.For real estate agents, business concerns, home owners, and economic issues may need to help more in the coming months and years if Texas wants to maintain its overall reputation for a low cost of living.  Our state and local policymakers must consider the factors driving price increases — and act on those they can influence. For Texans all over the State, it's always been we are untited to help each other maintain those factors that will ultimately keeps costs down, investments up, and keep them there.

Call us today at Lake Kiowa Real We are here to support you in getting the best prices, at the right time, as buyers and sellers of real estate in Texas. Call us today and see how hard we work for all our clients.

Lake Kiowa Premiere Real Estate looks forward to many years of serving the Lake Kiowa community. Please come see us for all of your real estate needs, but feel free just to stop by any time and say hello too!  Lake Kiowa Premiere Real Estate is open 7 days a week – Monday through Saturday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Sunday from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

The agents of Lake Kiowa Premiere Real Estate are always available to help you with any questions or concerns.


Texas A&M Real Estate Center - Here is the URL to find out more -



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